CoriolisMaster is Here

The CoriolisMaster FCB330, FCB350 is the most costeffective and least complex ABB mass flowmeter featuring the new DSP transmitter. The device is available in the integral mount design with internal transmitter and in the remote mount design with external transmitter.

The integral mount design reduces the time and effort spent on installation and wiring. Flowrate information can be viewed directly at the meter site and the meter can be installed in systems saving even more space than is currently possible.

The FCB330, FCB350 operates according to the Coriolis principle. The design offers the following benefits:

— Space-saving, rugged design

— Variety of process connection options

— Two separate current outputs for measuring mass or volume flow, density, or temperature, as well as one pulse output

— Digital input and output

— Communication via HART protocol

— Ex approval. The user can select the “i” or “e” type of protection for the output circuits; the type chosen will depend on the circuits which are connected. The type of protection can be changed even after installation has been completed. The digital outputs can be configured as NAMUR outputs by the user

Transmitter with digital signal processor (DSP)

The transmitter for the CoriolisMaster FCB330, FCB350 incorporates a digital signal processor (DSP) that enables high-precision mass flow and density measurements to be taken. The Coriolis sensor signals are immediately converted into digital data without any intermediate analog steps.

Excellent long-term stability and reliability together with fast signal processing are achieved with the new DSP transmitter.

Self-diagnostic functions for the flowmeter sensor and the transmitter, in combination with absolute zero stability, are benefits you can count on to ensure accurate measurements are taken.

The CoriolisMaster FCB330, FCB350 transmitter is particularly well suited for use in the following cases:

— Whenever mass flowrate is to be metered with maximum accuracy

— Whenever the density of the medium being measured is being determined

— Whenever the components of a recipe being mixed

— When metering non-conductive media or highly viscous, solid-loaded liquids, for example

— In batch filling processes