Moore Industries Partners with MACTek® on the BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter

Operators of plants and other industrial settings are rapidly embracing the use of wireless networks, particularly when it comes to smart HART-enabled devices. Now Moore Industries and MACTek®  have teamed up on an affordable way to take full advantage of WirelessHART networks with new and existing smart HART or analog devices with the BULLET® WirelessHART Adapter.

Engineered by MACTek and available through Moore Industries, the BULLET has several industry-first features that make is an ideal solution for sending smart HART and analog process signals overWirelessHART networks.

 Among the highlights of the BULLET:

  • It is the only product that can send process signals from just one or up to eight multidropped smart HART transmitters on a WirelessHART link. In addition, it can work with Moore Industries’ TCS Temperature Concentrator System to send up to 16 temperature measurements across aWirelessHART network.
  • The patented StepVolt technology balances the need for power and wireless communications bandwidth while on loop-power by drawing just the power it needs without sacrificing unnecessary bandwidth. The BULLET also can be powered by an external DC power supply.
  • Supporting both the WirelessHART MESH and STAR configurations, the BULLET can accept HART and analog signals such as 4-20mA, making it an ideal choice for adapting legacy analog instruments to WirelessHART networks.
  • It is available in General Purpose, Intrinsically-Safe and Explosion-Proof models, providing customers with a rugged solution.

More information on the BULLET is available by downloading the data sheet. You can also read about our entire line of Smart HART Loop Monitors and Interfaces on our website.