Product Line


Continuous and Point Level, Interface, Density and Weight Instrumentation. Non-Contact Pulsed & Guided Wave Radar, Ultrasonic, Radiation. Contacting Vibration, Capacitance, Conductive, Hydrostatic and Magnetic technologies. Source holders and factory source disposal.


ABB Instrumentation

Flowmeters: Magnetic, Vortex, Swirl, Mass, Rotameters, Pressure/Temperature Transmitters, Controllers, Chart Recorders, Positioners, Damper Drives, Stack Gas Analyzers, Pneumatic Controls, Portable Calibrators, Pressductor® Web Tension/Load Cells


Moore IndustriesMoore Industries

Signal Converters, Isolators and Alarms, Temperature Transmitters and Assemblies, Integrators, P/Is, I/Ps, Cable Concentrator Systems, Network Systems, Computer Interfaces, Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies.



Servomex Sold by Autoline Controls


Process Gas Measurement and Analysis including Combustion, Stack Emissions Monitoring and Portable O2 Analyzers – Now includes Contrôle Analytique.


Galvanic Sold by Autoline Controls  Galvanic Applied Sciences

Gas analyzers measuring H2S, Total Sulphur, H2S/SO2 tail gas, Hydrocarbons and BTU content.  Involving gas chromatography, tape based, and UV spectrophotometer-based technologies. Liquid analyzers measuring turbidity, suspended solids, color, and viscosity.  Involving colorimetric, titrimetric, and spectrophotometric technologies.


Heat Trace Products Sold by Autoline Controls

Heat Trace Products

Industrial, commercial and residential heat trace cable, kits and accessories.


PMV-USA Sold by Autoline ControlsPMV-USA

Pneumatic, Electropneumatic and Digital Valve Positioners, Rotary and Linear, Extensive Actuator Mounting Kit Inventory and Accessories



Precision Pressure/Vacuum Instruments, Dial and Digital Indicators, Analog and Digital Transducers, Portable Calibrators



Advanced Control, Micro-DCI and MODCELL Process Control Products, Retrofit packages for ABB, Bailey, Fischer & Porter and Kent-Taylor Instruments


Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP)

Electronic Flow Controls and Indicators, Batchers, Integrators, Count, Rate and Time Measurement, PLC Interfaces, HMI Software