Introducing the VEGAFLEX 80 Guided Wave Radar Series

VEGA’s new guided wave radar product line, the VEGAFLEX 80 series, offers enhanced features for optimal quality and high performance.These features and benefits include:

▪ 2 mm accuracy
▪ Level and interface measurement available from a single sensor
▪ Self-learning echo processing makes the measurement more reliable as time passes
▪ Guided setup procedure makes commissioning simple and safe
▪ Real time clock in the sensor enhances diagnostic capabilities to include event memory, measured value, and echo curves
▪ Measurement of products with a dk as low as 1.1 with a single rod or cable
▪ Easy probe length modifications with automatic probe length determination
▪ Automatic run time correction allows for measurement in high temperature steam environments
▪ 4…20 mA/HART and Modbus currently available; with two 4…20 mA/HART, Profibus PA, and Foundation Fieldbus outputs available soon
▪ Soon to be SIL 2/3 qualified for level and interface measurement with proof test that does not require moving the process level as well

VEGA guarantees quality and safety through the battery of testing and documentation we can provide with our products. Our visual indication and level measurement solutions are also easy to install, commission, and operate. The introduction of the VEGAFLEX 80 series marks another milestone in our commitment to providing process industries with the best in innovation, quality, and service.

Please visit our guided wave radar product pages to view our new offering in greater detail.